Dating For Good (DFG) is a community-building platform that introduces singles who share a similar passion for doing good.

DFG provides:

  1. A meaningful experience that encourages the forming of authentic connection

  2. A part of the proceeds will also be donated to a charity based on the social causes that we champion.

  3. Awareness and education on the social causes that we champion.

You will receive an email from us that your submission has been received.

As our sign up closes on every Monday and we need to find you a possible match, you will only be contacted by our team on the Tuesday of the week of selected date.

When you have a match, our team will need your confirmation of participation.

After the confirmation, you will be receiving the following items:

  1. Details on the event

  2. Education Card on the social cause of the month

  3. Conversation Starters

  4. Match Hint Card of your match

When you have no match, you will be asked by our team if you would like to do one of the following:

  1. Transfer to our next available event to try for another match

  2. Full refund (Refund will take 14 working days via PayNow)

  3. Donate your sign up fee to a charity

Nope, it’s an anonymous/blind date. However, we will be sending you a match hint card to provide a brief sneak peek of your date to hold onto your excitement till the date itself!

How much DFG has raised

A portion of DFG participation fees donated to charities and NPOs contributes to the cost of resources that they require to run smoothly. Thank you for being part of THG’s vision in creating a world where doing good is everybody’s business.

As of July 2022

$ 0